Book Review!!!

After a long time, we are finally having book review!

Without any intro, let’s begin…….


Well this is a book published long back in the 90’s, but we do get a new edition of it. It is written by Norman Lewis. It really engages us to do the work and literally enjoy reading and solving the book. It does not only encourage reading but also asks its readers to write and involve in the process of improving our vocabulary!

Link to buy the book-



If you are interested in improving your vocabulary please do buy it, you will enjoy reading it!


This book is written by the Prime Minister of India- Mr Narendra Modi. It is written to inspire and motivate the students who are appearing for their board exams, to help be calm and think about their exams. Even this book involves the readers, only reading isn’t enough you have to write a few things at some places. Reading and writing in this book is really fun!

Link to buy the book-



Just not to spoil your fun when you get the book, I will just tell you all, if you are a student go and buy the book.

So guys that was the book haul, I am personally enjoying a lot as I am reading these books, if you too want to buy click on the links above and start reading sooon. 

Tell me about your experiences!!

Until then good bye!!!


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