How to do some work with full interest and enthusiasm?

First of all let me tell you all that if we do any work with interest and excitement, we will surely complete doing that work or task successfully. And that is what I do, I have never done any task or work or even studies in which I don’t have any interest!

Now, if you have already read the productive study blog and some motivational blogs, you will know about how to be prepared to study.

In case of any other work, just be prepared and show at least some interest from your side and just sit and complete the work!


  • Be focused and do the work at least 2 hours continuously. This will make us more committed in doing the task and we’ll start acquiring the interest in doing that task. Slowly increase the time of engaging in doing the task.
  • Keep distractions away as much as possible.
  • Plan and do the work, which will make it interesting.
Reduce stress by taking breaks…


  • Take breaks because they are very important to develop interest in any task. Also try and keep your breaks as small as possible. If you do a task continuously for 2-3 hours, you’ll get bored and you won’t enjoy doing any task!
  • Avoid all sorts of distractions which will make you feel lazy to do the task.

That were some tips and tricks from my side, hope you all enjoyed!!


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